• Pussycat Hunterz 1april 2017

    � Watcherz – Pussycat Hunterz � Ladies & gentlemen are u ready? � Event Lounge is weer helemaal terug met Watcherz en Lickerz de Luxe! � Watcherz = Couples & women. Lickerz = Ladies Only. Jij bent (bijna) geselecteerd voor entree bij Watcherz – Pussycat Hunterz. Van dit exclusive feest kun je het volgende verwachten:


    Watcherz  Watcherz is a stylish, playful and exclusive private event. This event is for openminded couples who like to enjoy dancing and socializing in a sensually-charged atmosphere without pressures. To be a visitor you need to be selected or introduced by a selected visitor. Only couples and (single) females will be admitted. No single men.


    Lickerz Lickerz is the only exclusive women only theme-party in The Netherlands. Lickerz is an exclusive playful event for open-minded ladies. Our target women are between 20 and 45 years old but we allow women from the age of 18 years old. This event is for ladies who love to dance, flirt and be spoiled